Prove yourself to be the Pokemon Gym Leader!

We run 2 events per weel at the shop!

Casual Play: Thursday 6-8
Come play casual Pokemon. There is no cost to play!

Competitive Play: Sunday 1-4
Part of JTCG Sundays! A weekly celebration of all things Japan at Jetpack Comics!
Time: 1pm
Entry: $5
Join our growing scene of competitive Pokemon players! Been looking to step your game up and get serious about Pokemon Training? Join us every week for our Pokemon Tournaments. prizes and official support for everyone who comes!


Pokemon Events

Pokémon's Next Rotation

The following Pokemon Sets will be the Standard Tournament play sets as of 9/1

This means that only the sets in this image will be used for “standard” play.

They are continuing support for the “Expanded” Format (kind of like Modern in MTG)

If you have any questions please ask!


Japanese Trading Card Games invade Sunday Afternoons at Jetpack Comics!


Do you love Japanese Trading Card Games? So do we! We couldn't be more exited to bring you the latest HOT series of events at Jetpack, JTCG Sundays!

  • Sunday JTCG Events Starting 5/21!
  • Cardfight Vanguard? You know it. 12:30pm $5 entry
  • Pokemon? Well duh. 1pm $5 entry
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!? Yup. 2:30pm, $5 entry.
  • Force of Will? Absolutely. 4pm FREE
  • MORE? Much more on the way!

We aim to bring you a FULL day of your favorite games from the East, and provide a tight-knit community experience for fans of everything Anime and JTCG'S. We'll be bringing you HUGE events (like our semi-annual, 50+ player Cardfight tournament series!), tons of bonus prizes, and demo's of upcoming games from across the Pacific! Stop by and win a full days worth of prizes for every game, or pick and choose your favorites to compete in. It's up to you!




Every Thursday from 6 - 8 come and play Pokemon

Stephanie, Sam and Fred are getting our Pokemon league started with some casual meet up and play.  As big fans of the game, our three co-professors invite all ages to come and join them for Pokemon fun.  So bring your favorite deck and be prepared to have fun!  We've also got Pokemon Drafts on the last Friday of every month, and awesome PreRelease events that let you play cards from the newest sets before anyone else!  

Pokemon Thursday Night League is FREE to attend!  FFREE to play!  All Ages welcome*! 

Learn to play!  Trade cards with your new friends.**  Have fun & hang out with people that love Pokemon, too!

 If you're lucky there might be cookies!



Join us the last Friday of every month for our official Monthly Pokemon Tournament.

$5 entry!  All entry fees go into the prize pool for the event!



*Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of their visit.

**Guardian must be present and approve all card trading for anyone under 18. Our staff is happy to help with making fair trades.

Trading may only be conducted as cards for cards or equal or similar value.  Trading of any other item(s) for cards is not allowed.

The buying and selling of cards is not allowed. 

Start a Gaming Group at Jetpack

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Jetpack Event Calendar

Prize Payout

*Please note that prize payout is in store credit offers.  Store Credit can not be used on bulk discounted merchandise (ie boxes of Magic Cards, Bricks of HeroCLix, etc) nore can it be used for Gift Cards, during SALES, Rich's DOD, etc.  Store Credit is only valid against the actual retail price of product being purchased.  Store Credit has no cash value.



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