Free Rpg Day

Its that time of year again, Free RPG Day is just around the corner and this year it is bigger than ever! 

On Saturday, June 17th don't miss your chance to try some of the coolest new tabletop roleplaying games on the market today!  

Whether you want to gamemaster or play, this even is absolutely FREE!  In fact, GMs and players will even have first choice of the free RPG product for the games that they play or run!
If you are interested in running one of the games being offered this year for Free RPG Day, email Al directly at  Not sure what is being offered?  Head on over to
If you are interested in playing, please fill out this form to let us know!

The Schedule so far:

  • Numenera: The Spire of Hunting Sound
  • Conann:The Pit of Kutallu
  • Time Watch: Font of Knowledge
  • Pathfinder: Aethera Campaign Setting
  • D&D Epic: Hectacomb ***Please note, this is an Adventurer's League module and you MUST have an a.l. legal character of levels 11-20!!
  • Pathfinder: Aethera Campaign Setting
We are looking to add more games to the schedule, but this means we need more GMs!!!  Let us know if you are interested!!

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