or you can buy them for $1 each at Jetpack & you'll get 3 more FREE comics at Jetpack


Saturday 5/20 from 10 am - 4 pm Nick Steele is inviting you to join us for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2. 

FCBD2 is Saturday 5/20 from 10 am to 4 pm in the new JP game room. Enter from the regular store this time. Flash your ap and you get an extra free comic. All FCBD rules still apply.  NOTE - YOU CAN NOT ENTER FROM NORTH MAIN STREET.  GO through the regular store. 

All of the standard loot taking rules as FCBD apply.  Flash the Jetpack Comics Mega Ap on your phone and you'll get to pick up 1 extra free comic.  You can have a photo op with our cast of characters (including Nick) and take part in the FCBD Trade & Hardcover sale as well being able to purchase additional comics 15 / $10.  We've added more comics and more older comics as well.
Don't  miss your last chance at Free Comic Book Day


Want to get even more comics on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2?

Here's the details.  Only on Saturday 5/20 from 10 am - 4 pm.  At 4 pm Nick locks it all up and tells you to EFF OFF cause he's got a party to attend.  Don't mess with Nick today.


FCBD2 store - 35 North Main Street!

FCBD 2 central! Simply walk in to get 2 free comics if you're solo, or 4 free comic if you're with a group! You can also buy 15 comics for $10, as much as you want! That's less than a dollar a book Dollar Room fans!  Flash the infamous Jetpack Ap here and get an extra comic just for being UBER COOL!  This is also where you'll turn in your Ralphle Tickets, that you earn at our other locations, each good for an additional comic book.

Jetpack Annex (Silver Surfer store) - 31 North Main Street

We'll have an awesome Buy One get one FREE sale with thousands of collectibles and books to choose from. Shop the annex sale and BOOM, you'll get another awesome free comic book!  It's a CASH only sale lead by our newest king of swing, Jordan White.  Jordan ain't taken no guff but he is taking your cash and rewarding you with a Ralphle ticket, good for one more free comic at the FCBD2 store. 

Jetpack Comics - THE MEGA STORE - 37 North Main Street

At the megastore you'll get a free comic with any purchase of $10 or more! That's it! No strings! Once again, you will be given a Ralphle Ticket with the purchase and you can redeem that for one more Free Comic at The Jetpack Comics Free Comic Book Day store.


The Jetpack Comics Mega App

On the far superior Apple Apple App store but equal in awesomeness on the Google Play Store.
A simple download of the App and a flash of it to Nick, in the Jetpack Comics FCBD store, gets you a free comic.  Maybe if you enable push notifications you'll find an added bonus.

We've got FOUR all-new ways for you to save money and get free stuff this FCBD 2. Missed out on FCBD? We've got you covered with the only FCBD sequel in the world!