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or you can buy them for $1 each at Jetpack & you'll get 3 more FREE comics at Jetpack


The guests & vendors will be located in The Ballroom at the Governor's Inn as well as on the Patio, under the tent, at the Governor's Inn.



Small Press

Amanda Dufresne

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Bill Mitchell creator of Beanman Comics!

 Long time fan creator Bill Mitchell returns to FCBD to sketch and talk with comic fans of all ages. First created in 1976 while in high school, Beanman's adventures continue today as a web comic at  A high school art teacher, Mitchell enjoys utilizing comic instruction in his school curriculum.

Bob Raymond

Working on an awesome project for Jetpack Press!!!

Bob Raymond is an illustrator from Bangor Maine, where he lives with his wife and daughter. He has worked on various small Indy projects and web comics, including a chapbook for Joe Hill. Most recently he has worked on a one shot for Jetpack Comics called Moonlight Bait, the soon to be released Ammo, and a four issue miniseries from Alpha Dog Studios called Gun Ghoul coming out this summer.  He will have a limited amount of copies of the first Issue of Gun Ghoul, so get them while you can!

Dan Drew of Severed Head Comics

 Once again, NH proves it's the place that all up and coming comic creators get their start.  Severed Head Comics Presents is an anthology comic by a group of NH comic creators.  They are always looking for more contributors to their publication.  With 12 full issues produced, these guys are on top of the comic game!

Derek Dextraze

Come visit The Pumpkin Wizard stand on Free Comic Book Day and join us in celebrating our new children’s book, The Pumpkin Wizard, which will be released this summer. The Pumpkin Wizard tells the story of Tom, a young boy who uses the power of his own imagination to enlist an army of pumpkins to help him stand up to a bully. Meet the creators, writers, and artists of The Pumpkin Wizard!



Emmanuelle McGowan

Emmanuelle is originally from France where she studied Fine Arts from a young age. She relocated to New Hampshire and is currently showing and selling her work at conventions and exhibits throughout New England. She specializes in colorful, exciting, photo realistic portraits and character oil paintings. Emmanuelle mostly focuses on comic, sci-fi and pop cultures themes.

You can find her work on her website :
Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @OriginalEmmArt and Facebook
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Isabella Storm Falkenburg

Isabella Storm Falkenburg is a 7 year old comic book artist based out of New Hampshire. Her vibrant and imaginative work explodes off the page with youthful exuberance. Heavily influenced by Japanese culture, American super heroes and a love for animals, Isabella's work is truly unique.

Jennifer Omand

The creator & artist of Square Cat Comics will be bringing her special TWEE humor to the Jetpack FCBD event again!

Jesse & Margaret Lundberg

Local artist and author duo of "Harold the Happy Human Eater" Jesse & Margaret Lundberg are glad to be back for a second year at Jetpack's Free Comic Book Day Event.  "Harold" is a comic that takes a new look at the world of zombies as we know it.  Imagining a future where the living and the living dead can peacefully coexist, it looks at some of the issues that could arise and teaches us above all that "Different doesn't need to be scary".  Jesse will also be available for custom sketches of your favorite comic and cartoon characters at affordable prices for your budget.

Jim Ballentine

Jim is a local independent author   He currently has five published titles with a sixth one coming soon! In addition to being a writer, Jim is also a practicing Business and Trial Attorney, Husband, Father, and US Army Veteran.

John "BUSTER" Patterson

John ‘Buster’ Patterson is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. He has worked in the video game industry as a conceptual artist and in the comics field, where he has contributed to the graphic novels Sky Ape: Waiting For Crime and Buffalo Speedway vol 2. He is currently working on several projects including an action/adventure comic book set in the 50’s and two graphic novels, a sci-fi thriller and a western, are planned for next year. He has been known to eat french fries with a fork.

John Sjostrom of Live Specimen Productions

What will I have at my table for Free Comic Book Day? Comics, paintings, original drawings, t-shirts, and a free comic book or two!  I'll also be doing Unflattering Portrayals of willing participants as well as whatever commissioned work comes my way...
Find me on Instagram @livespecimen

Instagram: @livespecimen

Luke Kyle

Luke grew up learning how to read from X-Men and Captain America comics.  After getting his first big ol' box of Crayola's at the age of six, he hasn't spent a day without doodling, drawing, or creating some form of art in one way or another.  While a busy home and work life keep him from being a frequent guest on the convention circuit, he's always up to set up at a local festival and enjoy meeting his fellow nerd-culture junkies as well as offering on-demand cartoon commission work and a smattering of his artistic endeavors.  Luke is also an amateur game designer, and will usually have a project or two for the masses to check out.  In his free time Luke enjoys professional wrestling, baseball, and treating his pet guinea pigs as if they were royalty.

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Matt Talbot

Matt is the cover Artist for our exclusive Bruce Lee #1 available at FCBD!

Noble Middle School Comic Book Club

The En-Squire-er is a comic made by the students of Noble Middle School in Berwick, ME. 6th & 7th graders have made this collection of comic strips in class as well as after school in the Anime & Comic Club.

Check 'em out.

Paul Timmons

Paul Timmons Illustrator selling his adult coloring books and other art.

Be sure to check out.