FCBD Cosplay Guests


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Khepera Von Stitches

Khepera Von Stitches

Khepera is a published cosplayer and artist with over 20 years of costuming experience. Best known for her Evil Lyn cosplay, Khepera has a natural gravitational pull towards villains and loves gender bending. Khepera earned a Bachelors degree of Fine Arts from Western Michigan University, which helped her develop a wide range of skills and an insane eye for detail. She has won a variety of awards for her artwork and costuming and has been a featured artist at several gallery shows in the Midwest.

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ShiroiOji has been cosplaying since 2014. He has always been drawn to characters who are more about mental powers and speed, due to his own small stature. His first cosplay was Professor X for a superhero party that he attended, which he then wore to his first convention. From there, he hasn’t stopped adding to his list of heroes to cosplay, and his goal is to add nine costumes to his repertoire in 2017. He also has fun gender bending characters, and has several plans for new takes on classic characters. In addition to cons, he can also be found working for several charities in cosplay, using his love of superheroes to help a variety of causes. He especially loves arranging groups of cosplayers in one theme to show up together at events and photo shoots.

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Hit Cosplay

Hit Cosplay

HIT Cosplay has been active since 2014. He started cosplay with a gender bent Pocahontas at ComicConn where he was bitten by the Cosplay Bug and he has not found a cure for this yet! He has used cosplay as an outlet for his artistic creativity, which has allowed him to explore mediums that diverge from the norm, such as canvas and paint. He has experimented with a variety of different face painting and makeup techniques, which have allowed him to bring to life characters such as Nightcrawler and The Cheshire Cat, and soon, Beast Boy. His goal is to bring to life as many different characters from a variety of universes to bring joy to as many people as he meets. He enjoys cosplay most when he is cosplaying with his best friend ShiroiOji, and in big groups.

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Givewave Studios

GiveWave Studios

Castro is a master prop builder who has over 10 years experience building props and custom armor. Castro runs his own art studio in Lowell Massachusetts, where he teaches cosplay classes, 3D printing workshops, and DIY tutorials. He has also won several Cosplay awards throughout the New England area including Best Male Cosplayer and Best Masters. His favorite cosplay so far is his Kai Boba Fett variant from Star Wars and he is a strong advocate of "cosplay is for everyone. 

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Elegant Val

Elegant Valkyrie Design

Valkyrie is an artist, model, designer, and cosplayer from the Boston area. Valkyrie loves to play video games and is known for her Mercy Cosplay from Overwatch, Maya Cosplay from Boarderlands and her Assassin's Creed designs. She is also a member of the Assassin's Creed Guild: New England Chapter.

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