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Presented by Jetpack Comics, the the big FCBD Cosplay competition kicks off Saturday May 6th 4:00  to 6:00 with some Cosplay Legends at the helm.

That's right this year there will be a big cosplay competition highlighting the craftsmanship and love that cosplayers have. The contest will be open to all ages and all skill levels.  Richard Roberts, the photographer for FCBD, has donated a certificate for a free cosplay photo session, for the Best in Show Winner, worth $600! So be sure to sign up!




Sarah Rae Cosplay

Jetpack is proud to announce that Sarah Rae Cosplay, winner of last year's FCBD Cosplay Contest, will be joining us as one of our judges!

Sarah has been cosplaying since 2012, when she was asked to bring her cousin to a convention. Having a theater degree, she decided to leap in feet first with a full costume and hasn't stopped since.  Now she tries to make every part of her costume, and enjoys trying to take on projects that will challenge her skills and creativity. She enjoys trying out new techniques, researching ways to make pieces, and using new tools. The thrill of the craft is what drives her to try harder each time, seeing how closely she can replicate the pieces. Her favorite part of cosplaying is how everyone becomes a family, helping each other out. From the most basic cosplays to the most elaborate, everyone has a compliment to give one another. Cosplay is for everyone, no matter who they are. 

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Chris Sherman at Jetpack Comics

Chris Sherman

 Jetpack Comics is very excited to have Chris Sherman join our FCBD Cosplay Contest panel of judges!

Chris is a master prop builder with over 15 years of experience! Chris has always been drawn to the villainous side of things as well as the obscure interesting characters. His first cosplay was Black Manta back in 2013 and since then he has constructed major characters such as Alien/Jules from Pulp Science Fiction, Super Skrull, The Muppet's' Uncle Deadly and recently Zoltar from Battle of the Planets. He enjoys all facets of cosplay art but finds himself working more with EVA and other foams. Seeing everyone's creativity no matter what the skill level is always a thrill for him and he also loves learning from others as well as showing off his own masterpieces. This past winter Chris wrote and produced a comedy spoof about office life among super villains, using local cosplayers as his actors! Keep an eye out for this gem, slated for release in June.

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Cosplay at Jetpack Comics

Carley Winn

Jetpack Comics is very pleased to bring Carley Winn Cosplay to our amazing line up of judges!

Carley is a well established seamstress with many cosplay talents! Carley loves cosplaying Harley Quinn and has been doing so since 1998. She is a long time comic book fan of everything from Batman to X-men. She also is very knowledgeable of retro and table top games. She was taught sewing by her mother, who is a re-enactor, through middle school but is mostly self taught with help from Gosu Loli magazine. She has made super hero suits, Lolita dresses, Rococo ball gowns and star wars flight suits. She most recently made a troop of 15 robot costumes for a LARP group utilizing a mix of sewing spandex and plastic molding with light elements and eva foam. What she loves most about cosplaying is cosplaying with others. She loves being in groups and is a member of Hero Army and Cosplayers for a Cause.

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Nicki Nevermore at Jetpack Comics

Wonderllama Cosplay

Gregg has hosted many events and costume
contests, culminating in both the kids’
and the adults’ costume contests at
Boston Comic Con.  

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Jetpack Bomber Gitl  at Jetpack Comics

 Fiametta - The Jetpack Bomer Girl

Making another appearance this year, we have Fiametta, The Jetpack Bomber Girl! Meet her in person and check out her bad ass motorized jetpack, and flame thrower! 


Our FCBD Cosplay Sponsors

Cosplay Idol

Cosplay Idol

Jetpack Comics is proud to have Richard Roberts of Cosplay Idol back for our 2nd annual Free Comic Book Day Cosplay Contest. Richard, with an extensive background in the fashion photography industry, is now making a big splash in cosplay photography! We are excited to have him as a sponsor for our Cosplay Contest and official photographer for all our cosplayers at the event.

Cosplay at Jetpack

Cosplay by McCall's

Cosplay by McCall's is a huge leader in providing good quality, easy to follow sewing patterns for the cosplay community. Seeing a lack in the diversity of patterns available to cosplayers, McCall's has made it a point to provide a wide variety of patterns that cosplayers can alter and interchange with other patterns making the cosplay imagination, limitless! Jetpack comics is proud to have them as a sponsor for our 2nd annual Free Comic Book Day Cosplay Contest, and is happy to announce that they have donated several amazing patterns as part of the prizes for this year's contest.